With the goal of growing common values, Bit Alliance signed the memorandum of cooperation with another great IT company — OROUNDO Tech d.o.o. Banja Luka. The agreement was signed by Tatjana Vučić, CEO of Bit Alliance and Patrick Tomelitsch, CEO of OROUNDO Mobile GmbH.

OROUNDO Tech d.o.o. is the daughter company of the Austrian OROUNDO Mobile GmbH. OROUNDO was founded 5 years ago in Vienna, Austria – a country known for its tradition in music, arts and culture. That is why OROUNDO created the Cultural Places project – the app and platform, that serves as a personal digital guide through cultural places around the world.

Cultural Places is a platform for culture and tourism. With the smart trending solution and a strong sense of community-based platforms, OROUNDO is helping cultural tourism to be guided into the 21st century and our partners to get connected with new target groups in the digital era.

Additionally, OROUNDO works on an EU funded project related to secure cloud computing, in a partnership with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) Zagreb.

Patrick Tomelitsch, CEO and co-founder of OROUNDO Mobile GmbH said: “OROUNDO is an IT company with a clear focus on creating a platform for cultural traveling. Besides creating and optimizing our main product, Cultural Places, we aim to be one of the best IT employers in BiH. Our mission is to create an amazing working environment for everyone who is part of our team and vision. We joined Bit Alliance because we think, that we can contribute a significant amount of passion and dedication to the network as well as growing together as an employer.”

OROUNDO Tech and Bit Alliance signing the memorandum of cooperation

“We are pleased to have Bit Alliance reinforced by an IT company whose projects are focused on the field of culture and tourism, especially since global projects are being implemented here in Banja Luka, as well as in several other European cities where the company has its presence. It is well known that our IT companies are contributing to the strengthening of the BiH economy on a daily basis, employing young people and bringing successful practices to our country. We are pleased to receive new reinforcement with OROUNDO and that in the future we will have the opportunity to achieve joint results with the aim of positioning the IT industry in BiH as a strategic one, ”said Tatjana Vučić, CEO of Bit Alliance.

Source: Bit Alliance