OROUNDO relies on a global app

OROUNDO avoids island solutions – we have one platform for all tourism destinations. The app is being constantly updated and expanded. It runs on all popular smartphone models.

OROUNDO enables modern visitor management

By deliberately advertising less-visited places and sights, you can consciously up-value certain areas of your city and actively steer visitors toward them.

OROUNDO tells stories in a contemporary way

All content is multimedia (text, audio, images and video) and can be accessed directly on visitors’ smartphones. Our approach to storytelling illuminates corners that used to be in the dark. It’s how we create infotainment with a special experiential character.

OROUNDO creates interaction

Our solution conveys not only information and sensory experiences but also triggers emotions that visitors want to pass on. We enable networking with other visitors, which creates an interactive experience.


OROUNDO is state-of-the art

The OROUNDO app is a modern application that is being constantly enhanced to keep it futureproof.


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