OROUNDO supports your global marketing

The broad-based approach to new target groups on the global platform captures new target groups for your nature park. Above all, the mobile generation’s attention is deliberately drawn to your park via social media and other channels. We also support you with all sorts of customer loyalty programs.

OROUNDO prepares contents to be exciting

All content is multimedia (text, audio, images and video) and can be accessed directly on visitors’ smartphones. This enables us to reveal things that would otherwise remain hidden from visitors (e.g. plants in bloom, animal feeding times, etc.). We rely on edutainment with a special experience character that invites people to take part.

OROUNDO creates orientation

In order for visitors to find their way around better, even in larger areas, the app helps with a range of simple navigation aids.


OROUNDO is state-of-the art

The OROUNDO app is a modern application that is being constantly enhanced to keep it futureproof.


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