OROUNDO conveys contents differently

We use modern methods of storytelling and edutainment to prepare your contents in digital form. It’s how we convey knowledge and experience in an interactive way. Text, audio, images and video are integrated into our media guide depending on the age and interests of the target group. We rely on new and playful educational methods specifically aimed at young audiences. The visitors are captivated by the interesting details and background information. The whole thing functions without barriers and directly on a smartphone. Visitors can also plan their tour from the comfort of their home.

OROUNDO is investment-free

We supply the software and hardware free of charge, which is why our partnership-based solutions can be implemented without a procurement budget. We advise you within the scope of our joint project, keeping the technology futureproof – naturally without any hidden costs.

OROUNDO supplies valuable data

Another big advantage: OROUNDO supplies interesting visitor research results. So you know exactly where your target groups stopped and for how long. You can also use these data for your marketing and customer loyalty activities.


OROUNDO is state-of-the art

The OROUNDO app is a modern application that is being constantly enhanced to keep it futureproof.


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