Bring places and things to life

OROUNDO supports you with digitization and makes a wide range of contents something to experience, depending on the age and interest of the visitors. It’s how culture becomes modern edutainment.


Steer your visitors towards insider tips

OROUNDO informs and navigates visitors in a modern and interactive way. In this way you can use a completely new form of advertising and marketing which is especially aimed at young target groups.


Reveal the hidden aspects of your nature park

OROUNDO conveys informative and educational facts about zoos and botanical gardens in a simple and comprehensible way. OROUNDO is also a helpful orientation aid in larger areas.

Why should you choose OROUNDO?

More visitors

You are part of the information and experience platform, enabling you to increase your reach and visibility among visitors. OROUNDO markets you via the app, social media and on site.

New target groups

Your themes, contents and information are prepared for your visitors in a modern and interactive way. OROUNDO networks a wide range of target groups and invites them to enter into a dialog.

No investments

The OROUNDO app is not an island solution but is constantly being enhanced. Software and hardware are available free of charge, as is ongoing technical support.

New revenue streams

OROUNDO helps you to generate new revenue streams and offers individually tailored models: For example, the income generated is shared by means of a revenue share model.

“OROUNDO is the ultimate educational tool”

– Agnes Armi, Marketing and Education Executive Gembira Loka Zoo

„OROUNDO is the ultimate educational tool for the Gembira Loka Zoo. It lets visitors learn more about the animals. What’s more, we can also highlight the importance of modern zoos for species protection and the imparting of knowledge. The OROUNDO app makes education informative, interactive and fun, especially for children and families.“

– Agnes Armi, Marketing and Education Executive Gembira Loka Zoo

„We want to use the app to make more content available to visitors in a way that focuses on specific target groups. We are convinced that by doing so we can also appeal to new and additional visitors.“

– Gottfried Kellner of the Wiener Bundesgärten

„At the Vučedol Cultural Museum, we are very proud to be the first museum in Croatia to have installed the OROUNDO solution. The city of Vukovar followed shortly afterwards. After us, many other museums realized that OROUNDO can help them create more interaction with their visitors as well as greater visibility. OROUNDO helped us to become seen as a modern museum on the cutting edge of technology. We are very happy to have OROUNDO as a partner, as are our visitors.“

– Darko Bilandžić, Head of Marketing

Six things you should know about OROUNDO

OROUNDO is on the way to becoming the world’s first platform for culture and tourism. With our intelligent solution and the increasingly strong sense of networking and community, we are helping our partners to reach new target groups with an affinity for smartphones.

At its heart is the OROUNDO app. Visitors are addressed via the app in an individual and target group-specific manner and purposefully networked with one another. Each institution and tourism destination can design its own info channel in the app itself.

OROUNDO makes all of the software and hardware available free of charge. OROUNDO offers various financing solutions and among other things uses a revenue sharing model: We share the revenues generated through the partnership. There are absolutely no costs involved for our partners.

Contents. OROUNDO provides all of the software (app and Content Management System) as well as the hardware components (miniserver, antennas and beacons). Another big advantage for you: You no longer need to buy any external audio guide devices or spend money on maintaining them. Everything runs via the visitors’ smartphones.

OROUNDO Systems consists of a mix of hardware and software components and performs important tasks such as information, communication and security. And always with the very latest technology. The OROUNDO app is being constantly improved, and expanded with new features for smartphones. In this way, OROUNDO supports you with digitization.

OROUNDO advises you on how to prepare contents. For the first edition, we enter your information – photos, films, audio files and texts, etc. – directly into the app via the Content Management System. You will be given access to the CMS so that you can change, add to and update the contents at any time.

You profit from OROUNDO and we profit from you. From the outset, we work together on the target group-specific preparation of your multimedia contents and their advertising. Ultimately, both sides profit from the revenue generated and the media-networked commitment.

Our solutions in detail


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