Here in Oroundo we always tend to encourage young IT talents to find their spot in this amazing work field where we belong. We are very proud to announce that we are sponsoring makeITwork fair in Banja Luka that has a goal to connect IT students and companies and, of course, everyone else who is interested in informational technologies. The fair is taking place on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banja Luka, on the 18th and 19th of May, entrance is free of admission and everyone is welcome – it will be fun for sure.

Besides sponsoring the event, we are going to present our current projects, to show what we do and how we do it. Also, to encourage future IT experts to develop their skills even more, we decided to create a challenge – to develop a simple location-based mobile application and win 500 BAM.

Keep reading for more details 😊


  • Participants should prove that they are students
  • Challenge starts on 18.05.2019, 10:00
  • Source code submission deadline is Friday, 07.06.2019, 23:59
  • The evaluation process is going to take approximately 10 days
  • Evaluation score is going to be presented on after the evaluation
  • Winner will be contacted by e-mail
  • The reward is 500 BAM

Challenge Description

The challenge is to create a mobile and web app and implement the usage of external positioning as well as some algorithms in the area of computational geometry. The mobile app enables the user to start a “scanning session”. During the session, the user should walk and arbitrarily press “Save coordinate” button, when GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude) of the user’s current location would be saved. If the current coordinate is in the area of 20m of any previously saved coordinate, the user will be prevented from saving it by specifying an appropriate message in the dialogue box. A session consists of saving 10 or more coordinates. User can arbitrarily end the session by pressing the “End session” button and would be prevented if there are less than 10 coordinates. When the session is ended, coordinates are saved in any kind of data store. User can also access map-based web app over online available URL. The web app would have a list of sessions and a terrain map. When the user selects a session, all coordinates are presented as visible points on the terrain map. The subset of coordinates is connected by visible lines so that convex polygon around all coordinates, which are not in subset, is created (please refer to the picture).

Sessions are presented in the following format:

Session # – surfaceArea

where # is incremented session number (starting from 1.) and surfaceArea represents the surface area of the polygon in m2 (square meters). For example:

Session 5 – 74 676 m2

Technical Aspects

Challenge participants can use any technology they want to implement the solution:

  • Mobile app – Android, iOS, ReactNative etc.
  • Web app – jQuery, React, Angular, Standard JavaScript etc.
  • Backend (if needed) – .NET, PHP, Node.js, Java etc.
  • Maps – Google Maps, Open Street Map etc.
  • Storage – MySQL, Redis, JsonBin, Amazon S3, SQL Server etc.
  • Hosting – Heroku, AWS etc.

Evaluation Criteria

Submitted solutions will be evaluated by the following criteria:

  • Functionality and easiness of use
  • Clean code and modularity
  • Algorithmic implementation
  • Visual impression

Evaluation Committee

  • Dejan Radić – Chief Technical Officer at Oroundo
  • Igor Ševo – Senior Teaching Assistant at ETFBL
  • Marko Ivanović – Senior Software Developer at Oroundo
  • Dario Komljenović – Quality Assurance at Oroundo

Legal Disclaimer

Before you submit any solution, please read our legal disclaimer that you can find on this link. In short, by reading the legal disclaimer and entering the challenge, you agree that we may collect your personal data and that all intellectual property rights belong to us. But please be sure to read more here.

Solution Submission

Challenge solution consists of the following artefacts:

  • Brief description of the solution including the list of used technologies
  • URL of publicly available web app (up and running till 18.06.2019.)
  • Source code of mobile and web app in .zip archive or GitHub link, including:
    • Database schema if SQL database is used
    • Installable .apk file if mobile app technology is Android

Solutions and any questions about the challenge can be sent to [email protected].

Submitted solutions will be scanned for viruses.

Good luck!