A place straight out of a history book and a fairy tale, the Belgrade Fortress is considered a must-visit for every traveler in Serbia according to TripAdvisor. Not only do you probably get the best view of Belgrade, you are also at the place where two majestic rivers meet and can see the the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. This makes the Fortress one of the most beautiful natural lookouts in the city.

Located 125,5 meters high on a cliff-like ridge it overlooks the Great War Island and is surrounded by the Dorćol, Stari Grad and Kosančićev Venac neighborhoods. If you are only slightly interested in history, you will love this place, because it has so much to tell. Based on the archaeological findings at the Upper Town’s plateau of the Belgrade Fortress, the first people settled during the Neolithic period, which started about 12.000 years ago. The strategic importance of the city is illustrated by all the peoples that came, stayed and fought for it. The Celts, the Romans, the Byzantines were just the beginning, waging war for Belgrade. In the 15th century Turkish attacks began, but even the conqueror of Constantinople could not take the city. Countless attacks later the city was taken by the Turks and ruled by them for two centuries, before Austria took it back. That is also where the name of the famous Kalemegdan park came from, two Turkish words kale (fortress) and meydan (battlefield) – translating literally to battlefield fortress.

History doesn’t stop here, you can find out much more at the Belgrade Fortress itself. Outoor tours, a military museum and a lunch in the fortress make this a beautiful day.

Image (c) Vladimir Alic