The Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb, Croatia was established in 1880, it was constructed by Hermann Bolle. This museum has a famous neighborhood. It is situated next to the Musical academy on the right side, museum Mimara from the left and it has the most amazing view of the Croatian National theatre just across the street.

This Advent they have unique collaboration between arts and ballet Nutcracker. Let us tell you the story behind the museum: By the initiative of the Arts Society and its former President Izidor Kršnjavi., the museum had the aim of creating a collection of models for master craftsmen and artist to reinvigorate the production of everyday use items. The strategy of the museum’s activity was focused on preservation of traditional crafts, as well as creation of a new middle class aesthetic culture. This museum also puts focus on young generations, therefore the school of crafts was founded within the museum. The museum houses more than 160,000 objects spanning from 4th to 20th century.

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Image (c) Museum of Arts and Crafts