Children enjoy the New Year’s Eve Trail

“okidoki” is a children’s programme created by Thomas C. Brezina which began broadcasting on ORF 1 at 6 am on 13 September 2008. ORF 1 presents up to 22 hours of a week of 40 percent own-produced programmes for children aged three to eleven, and 60 percent contemporary real-life and animated series. Programmes are always free from violence and adverts. Okidoki is broadcast Monday to Friday from 6 am til 8 am as well as two “okidoki” weekend editions which air at 6 am.

“Hallo okidoki on the road” – The Viennese New Year’s Eve Trail party.

“Hallo okidoki” celebrates the New Year with children in Freyung! A “Hallo okidoki” special will be presented by hosts Christina Karnicnik and Robert Steiner. Stars include the pop-duo “iBROS.”, Alvin from the new cinema film “Alvin and the Chipmunks 4” as well as Snoopy from “The Peanuts Movie”. An additional highlight will be magician Flo Mayer presenting his very own magic show! To celebrate “60 years of television” Rolf Rüdiger – the cheekiest rat in Austria – will appear on the show’s stage with Robert Steiner.